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Sam Rosenthal is a young twenty-something-year-old, native New Yorker with a burning fire to take on the acting industry. His story is a tale as old as time, beginning his journey lip-synching to Britney Spears and Whitney Houston for his parents in the living room. Their eyes caught a glimpse of his fire and thought he would enjoy performing for others too. The first time he was put on a set was for Playhouse Disney’s Out of the Box and from that moment on he made it his mission to be as informed about the business as he possibly could.

Nobody could deny it, the kid was incredibly charming. From there, he has acted in various independent projects, such as a production of Machinal and One Hour Shakespeare Festival. In parallel to getting his BFA at Pace School of Performing Arts - class of 2020 - and participating in this craft, he focused on personal development through self-healing mindfulness. This approach significantly supported his training and techniques. During that time he recorded a holiday special for Chef Lydia, and was featured as a guest role on Olivia the Pig and Peter Rabbit on Nickelodeon Jr. Sam has become more passionate about the industry.

He is in development by branching his skill sets out and finding voices within the LGBTQ+ community. He is actively finding ways to work on informative projects with diverse backgrounds to have their stories heard. With a drive to get one person on screen to one day influence a whole community of people is where he finds his activism. Sam has major aspirations, always ready to put his thigh highs on and “bring it” to the runway.


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